Success Stories

I am grateful to have helped people through coaching and this is what they have to say about working with me...

Participating in coaching has made it possible for me to achieve my career goals and assist me in unlocking my potential.

The entire experience of being coached by Dave has been nothing but positive. He has actively help me identify my strengths and allowed time to reflect on areas that I would like to develop.

Dave has facilitated a learning environment that has always felt safe, personally, this has been of the utmost importance to me. Dave also has an amazing ability to remain non judgemental, showing huge respect for what you say and who you are. This quality that Dave has shown in abundance in coaching, has enabled me to truly engage in the process and gain the most from the experience.

It is difficult to highlight all of the qualities that Dave has as a coach. His approach has provoked thoughts, skilful questioning has allowed self solution finding, empowered me to make changes and gain a confidence in myself that I did not have before starting coaching with Dave. However, in short, some of the things that I have valued the most about Dave’s coaching is his friendliness, his forever patient approach, his ability to empower and motivate, his capacity as a respectful listener, rolled together with an empathetic and truly genuine supportive approach.

Thank you Dave!

- Clare P, Clinical Lead

I received coaching from Dave Smith over a period of 10 months, the coaching started with face to face sessions and then moved online due to the pandemic.

Dave is a naturally friendly and welcoming person who made me feel completely at ease in his company. Dave displayed excellent active listening skills during the sessions, which allowed me to feel that I had his complete attention. He was able to use this skill effectively along with empathic questioning to explore and reflect on concerns and worries I had about being in a new leadership role.

I really appreciated the moments when Dave shared similar concerns or experiences to mine from his professional role, I felt that this did not distract from the coaching but helped form a trusting relationship between coach and coachee. Dave helped motivate me to set professional goals between our sessions and kept accurate notes on these so that he was able to ask about them at the next session.

I have really valued the coaching sessions with Dave, and I have seen, and had feedback from my manager that, the sessions have allowed me to be more confident in my knowledge and abilities within my leadership role.

- Sarah, Operations Manager

Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to have coaching sessions with Dave and these sessions have been invaluable. I was unsure what to expect from coaching, but Dave put me at ease at once. Throughout all of our sessions Dave has been professional, made me feel comfortable, allowing me to freely talk without the fear of being judged, and listened.

During these sessions I was given the time to express myself and thoughts, and talk through these. Dave encouraged me to look at things from different views / opinions and to discuss these, and has given me ‘tools’ to use in the future. Dave always listened, and would at times challenge my way of thinking, and suggest alternative ways of looking at things, and encouraged me to stop and think. These tools, in particular working throughout the pandemic have been invaluable, and have helped me stay focused and survive the last 12 months.

We set goals at the beginning of our sessions, and worked on these throughout our sessions and I have been able to achieve these with Dave’s help, support and encouragement. Coaching has made me more confident and to have more belief in myself, as well giving me the tools to develop further. These sessions with Dave have been invaluable and I feel privileged to have been able to have met Dave and have him as a coach and support me throughout the year.

- Emily, Ward Sister

The coaching sessions for me have been absolutely key to help me address some of the challenges I was experiencing in my leadership role: feeling my work/life balance was wrong, feeling a lack of achievement even when projects were delivered/completed because I would move straight to the next one, lack of enjoyment in work, not feeling like I was managing the team in the way I would like to manage.

To be really honest when we first booked in the sessions I just felt like it was going to be another stress and something I didn’t have time for. Recognising that for that reason alone, I should definitely book the sessions, I have found it has really helped me manage my time better and the supportive and professional space to think and reflect has been crucial for me as a leader. Over the course of the sessions I have been able to identify my own goals, both for my own leadership development but also what needed to be prioritised in the team to make sure the team felt calmer and more able to move forward with the service development plans we had.

Dave has been prepared, professional and hugely supportive in each session and I’m hugely grateful for his expertise and time. I would recommend engaging in coaching – especially if you really just don’t think you have time to fit it in!

- Sarah A - Hospicares, Devon

I have been fortunate to have had one to one coaching from Dave over the past two years or so. This has been so valuable to me, not only as a clinician, but also as a person. This coaching has encouraged me to be more confident and purposeful in my day to day practice and also to examine my role as a leader. I really feel that I have developed improved skills in terms of organisation, delegation and planning under his guidance. It has been one of the most helpful and supportive experiences that I have had since becoming a consultant.

Dave is a fantastic colleague whom I respect greatly and I hugely value the time he takes to improve the lives of others; both young people and professionals alike.

- Kate, Clinical Service Lead/Paediatric Consultant